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Emissions Inventories

Emissions inventories are required by many state and local air quality agencies on a periodic basis.  In addition, a valid emission inventory is essential to planning any compliance approach, and to integrate a plant's environmental operations into a company's business planning.  Our engineers have prepared hundreds of emission inventories for facilities in the southeast, ranging from major Title V sources, to small sources having emissions barely quantifiable.  A key element to preparing a good emission inventory is a thorough understanding of a plant's operation.  The strong industrial background and focus of our engineers has enabled us to make many recommendations to our clients to reduce regulatory costs and improve plant operations.  Among the industries for which our engineers have conducted emission inventories are the following:

  • Industrial, commercial, and utility boilers
  • Brick manufacturing, aggregates, concrete products
  • Tobacco products
  • Rubber products & rubber recycling
  • Textiles: greige mills, dyeing & finishing, nonwovens
  • Lumber mills, wood products and components
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Wood and metal furniture components
  • Lime manufacturing
  • Aluminum foundry
  • Chromium electroplating
  • Quarrying

Computerized Recordkeeping & Reporting Plans

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