Leaf Environmental & Engineering's staff of engineers and soil scientists have extensive experience in groundwater assessment, monitoring, and remediation.  Typical groundwater monitoring projects include the installation of exploratory soil borings and the design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells.  All investigations are conducted in compliance with EPA SW846 sampling protocols, and we only use analytical laboratories which have obtained EPA certification for drinking water analysis.  All sampling activities are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and are completed under strict quality control procedures, and Chain-of-Custody protocol.  In addition, LEAF is knowledgeable of the latest techniques in aquifer testing methods, data collection and analysis, and the interpretation of aquifer test results.

Groundwater remediation projects have included the installation of groundwater and free product recovery wells, the modeling of contaminants the estimate fate and transport conditions, the design and installation of product and groundwater treatment systems, and the completion of approval of the state permits required for such activities.  LEAF is familiar with the various groundwater recovery and treatment systems and consistently keeps the best interests of its clients in min when selecting a groundwater treatment technology for application.

Selected groundwater monitoring and remediation projects can be accessed here (pdf).

LEAF engineers and consultants have completed numerous groundwater evaluation projects including:

  • Groundwater monitoring and assessment
  • Subsurface investigations
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Closure plans
  • Treatability studies
  • In situ remediation plans
Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C.