Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C.

Ongoing Services

​Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C. (LEAF) provides environmental consulting and engineering services under Ongoing Services Contracts for industrial clients throughout the southeastern U.S.  As much as 95% of our workload is related to helping our industrial clients.  This allows us to maintain current working knowledge of environmental regulations and to complete tasks more efficiently because of our familiarity with our client's operations.  Our experienced staff responds quickly to each inquiry from a client, because we operate as though we are the environmental engineers on staff on an as-needed basis.

To support clients in meeting their regulatory requirements, LEAF will track the recordkeeping, reporting and monitoring requirement of the client's air, NPDES, and stormwater permits to ensure compliance is maintained.  As necessary, LEAF will also track and complete any other requirements pertaining to hazardous waste disposal, RCRA, Tier II, SARA Title III and complete any required reporting.

LEAF performs sampling of wastewater and stormwater for clients and develops the required compliance reports for the regulating authority.  In the event of non-compliance issues, LEAF will recommend and, upon the client's approval, complete any necessary follow-up to bring the client back into compliance.  Periodically, our engineers will review a client's operations and emissions, and may recommend changes that place the client in a more favorable regulatory category with lower compliance costs.  For example, LEAF may recommend process changes to avoid upcoming or future MACT or state air toxics thresholds.

LEAF handles all aspects of UST projects, such as procuring permits, soil and groundwater sampling, tank removal, and preparing and submitting the required documents and reports to the regulating authority.  LEAF completes the necessary paperwork to reimburse the client for all eligible expenditures from the State Trust Funds.

All services provided by LEAF are performed only after review with the client's representative.  Each month we provide a Statement of Services which contains detailed hourly accounts of the services provided during the period.