Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C.


Environmental assessments are a key factor in industrial or commercial real estate transactions, protecting the buyer, seller, and lender from potential liabilities by determining contamination in soil, water, or existing structures.  We believe only senior level staff, those with 20+ years of environmental engineering experience with industrial operations, are qualified to inspect developed properties.  It takes years to develop a critical eye when reviewing developed sites, in order to discover hidden areas of concern or not to exaggerate an inconsequential issue.  Both perspectives are critical to protect the parties in a transaction.

Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C. (LEAF) conducts environmental site assessments according to ASTM standards to ensure that all past or present environmental conditions are identified and categorized for site contamination, environmental liability, and cleanup costs.  Each phase in comprehensive, cost-effective, and designed to lead into the next level, if conditions warrant further investigation.

Phase I: Preliminary Evaluation

Researching the site history through regulatory agency documentation, interviews with knowledgeable persons, and property inspection determines the potential for site contamination.  Specific, detailed recommendations for any additional inspections or remediation actions are made at this time.

Phase II: Problem Definition
Sampling and testing for soil contamination, asbestos content, or groundwater contamination will confirm or deny the results of the Phase I report and will outline the extent of possible liability for the seller/buyer.

Phase III: Remedial Action

Comprehensive sampling, evaluation, design, and implementation of remedial action plans completes the environmental assessment process for all real estate transactions.

LEAF personnel have many years of experience assessing and remediating all types of environmental contamination, including petroleum and chemical constituents in soil and groundwater.