Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C.

Air Quality

No other environmental area affords industry as much challenge or as many pitfalls as air quality planning and regulatory compliance.  The dynamic nature of compliance and the regulatory landscape makes it critical for companies to closely integrate environmental factors with business planning.  The structure of an air permit and the permit application, emission considerations, and process issues require close scrutiny by experts who understand industry's operational and business needs in addition to the environmental issues.  Permit applications, air toxics and the approach to MACT compliance, risk management, compliance monitoring, emission inventories and other challenges all face various industries during the next few years.  Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C. has nationally recognized experts in these fields.  Our engineers have prepared numerous air permit applications, including Title V, Synthetic Minor, general, construction and operating permits, and permit revisions.  We have developed MACT compliance strategies for industries including furniture, polyester resins, utilities, lumber and chrome plating, while in other cases developing emission reduction strategies to avoid MACT thresholds.  When combined with our assistance on OSHA approaches and the industrial experience of our engineering staff, we have helped numerous clients develop cost effective compliance strategies that produce compliance programs integrated with daily business needs.

Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C. staff have assisted a broad spectrum of industry with their air quality needs.  Among the services we offer are the following: