Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C.


The proper management of underground storage tank (UST) work is critical to accomplishing the work in a cost effective and professional manner that meets the requirements of regulatory agencies and the business requirements of the owner.  Leaf Environmental & Engineering, P.C. (LEAF) has professional engineers on staff that have conducted and managed numerous UST removal and closure projects, and are experienced with the engineering, science and regulatory requirements.  We have removed USTs for our existing, ongoing clients, for new industrial and commercial clients, and for property owners that have a need or desire to have a UST removed from their property.  Our staff is intimately familiar with the state-required processing and paperwork for closure and reimbursement (when eligible) and provides our clients with professionally prepared and complete documentation ready for submittal to the the appropriate agencies.

Selected UST system management projects can be accessed here (pdf).


Underground storage tanks can become expensive headaches in the event of a release.  The owner of a site is liable for the closure and cleanup of any contamination on the property.  The prospective buyer/lender of commercial property needs to be aware of the presence and condition of any onsite USTs to avoid inheriting any future liabilities.  In addition, state and federal regulatory agencies require that USTs meet strict requirements concerning installation, spill prevention, corrosion control, and leak detection.

LEAF provides a full range of services, from initial consultations to subsurface sampling to full scale closure plans, allowing our clients to satisfy pertinent regulatory requirements and reduce liability.  LEAF provides clients with technical oversight or complete turn-key projects involving either installation or removal of USTs.  LEAF develops the required compliance documentation for the appropriate regulatory agencies and serves as expert liaison between clients and local, state, and federal agencies.

Leaf routinely conducts:

  • Comprehensive Site Assessments
  • Sample Collection, Analysis, and Results Interpretation
  • Tank Closures/Abandonment In Place
  • Removal and Disposal of Residual Materials
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • ​Groundwater Modeling and Remediation